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Calculate Your Prostate Score: Are You Really Prostate Disease?

International Prostate Symptom Score (IPSS)
Questionnaire forms, which are generally called prostate complaint scoring and which enable the grading of symptoms, provide objective evaluation.

1- How often do you feel like your bladder is not emptying after urinating?
2- How often do you need to urinate again less than two hours after urinating?
3- How often do you stop and start a few times while urinating?
4- How often did you have difficulty holding your urine?
5- How often have you felt a decrease in the force of your urine flow?
6- How often did you strain or strain to start urinating?

0 if any of the above questions are answered,
1 if it is thought to be less than one in five
2 if less than half
Almost half is 3,
4 if more than half
All of them are scored as 5.

7- How many times a night did you get up to urinate from going to bed to getting up in the morning?

The answer to this question is;
If none: 0,
1 time,
2 times,
Three times 3
If four times is 4,
Five or more points are scored as 5.

Total score
0 – 7 –> slight congestion
8 – 19 –> moderate congestion
20 – 35 ->> interpreted as severe congestion.