Assoc. Prof. Dr. Akif Diri
Urology Specialist
25 Years
Surgical Experience
More than 32 Thousand


Male anatomy of human organs in x-ray view What is Prostatitis? Prostatitis is inflammation of the prostate gland. Due to the inflammation that develops due to this disease, the prostate gland swells and causes pain. Although prostatitis is sometimes caused by a bacterial infection, there is often no microbial condition and the cause of prostatitis...
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What is Prostate, What Does It Do? The prostate is a walnut-sized gland that surrounds the urinary canal just at the exit of the urinary bladder in men. Its approximate weight can vary between 15-20 grams. In the area where the prostate surrounds the urinary tract, the semen duct (ejaculatory duct), which is formed by...
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