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Sexual Health

What is Sexual Health?

Sexual Health Assoc. Prof. Dr. Akif Diri

Sexual health is the ability of a person to continue his sexual life without forcing, in line with his free choices, happily and without being harmed. Unwanted pregnancy is the state of experiencing sexuality without the use of force, violence and discrimination. It is the most natural human right for people to share sexual space. Sexuality is shaped by people’s values, attitudes, behaviors, physical appearance, beliefs, emotions, personalities and the societies they live in. It begins before birth, lasts a lifetime, and is influenced by cultural and moral factors.


Reproduction involves giving and giving sexual pleasure and pleasure. A healthy sexual life can be mentioned when individuals get each other’s approval in their sexual behaviors, do not put pressure on each other for this approval under any circumstances, take responsibility for their behavior, protect each other from pregnancy/disease and pay attention.


– Penile Prosthesis Implantation (Happiness Bar)
– Penis Head Filler
– Penis Enlargement (Thickening)
– Penis Extension
– E.S.W.T (Shock Wave Therapy)
– PRP (P-Shot) and Stem Cell Application
– Premature Ejaculation Treatment (Premature Ejaculation)
– Sex Therapy Support
– Genital Aesthetics


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