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HoLEP Treatment

It is a closed procedure that can clean and remove all of the prostate tissue.

HoLEP Treatment

HOLEP (Holmium Laser Prostatectomy) Technology is the most modern and successful treatment method that is frequently used and preferred in the treatment of BHP (Benign prostate enlargement). HoLEP Technology means laser enucleation of the prostate. Although HoLEP has been a widely used method especially in the last 10 years, it has given very positive results in the treatment of prostate enlargement. The word HoLEP means removal of the inner prostate tissue using a holmium laser. In general, benign prostate enlargement increases with age and the number of living men. While symptoms begin to show in 50% of men in their 60s, prostate enlargement manifests itself in 90% of men in their 80s.

For Which Patients Is HoLEP Surgery Suitable?

All patients suffering from prostate disease and being considered for surgery are eligible for HoLEP. The fact that the HoLEP method can be applied to all prostate sizes makes HoLEP independent of prostate size. The HoLEP method, which is also independent of prostate enlargement, can be applied for both large and small prostates depending on the patient’s needs and the physician’s deem necessary.

What are the Features of HoLEP Surgery?

We can roughly list the features of HoLEP surgery as follows:

  • HoLEP surgery; Since it offers advantages such as low bleeding risk, short hospitalization period and fast recovery period, patients can return to their normal lives quickly by getting rid of their catheters in as little as 24 hours.
  • Because the effect of the HoLEP operation on healthy tissue is less than 0.4 mm, the nerves that pass around the prostate capsule and regulate sexual functions are not damaged. Therefore, post-operative erection problems are not expected in patients.

Since the prostate tissue is completely removed with HoLEP technology, the risk of recurrence of the disease is very low.

When is HoLEP Surgery Necessary?

HoLEP surgery; In the case of benign prostatic enlargement disease, it is considered necessary and applied if the following conditions are encountered in patients who do not find a significant improvement in the disease despite drug treatment:

  • The patient’s complaints and complaints are many,
  • The patient has to urinate by placing a catheter in the bladder,
  • Remaining urine in the patient’s bladder even after urinating,
  • Occurrence of other problems such as infection, bleeding and stone formation in the patient whose symptoms do not go away.

How is Prostate Surgery Performed with HoLEP Technology?

The widespread use of laser technology in the urology department paved the way for HoLEP technology. Prostate enlargement surgery performed with HoLEP technology is an operation in which spinal anesthesia (anesthetizing from the waist down) is considered sufficient.


The enlarged prostate tissue is separated from its capsule by entering through the normal urinary tract with HoLEP surgery. Afterwards, the prostate tissue pushed into the urinary bladder is cut into small pieces with a special tool and taken out. Thanks to the holmium laser, the enlarged prostatic adenoma is separated from the capsule of the prostate and removed, and no growth occurs in the remaining tissue. The removed diseased tissue is then pathologically examined and it is investigated whether this tissue is cancerous tissue. In surgeries where laser treatment is applied, the patient loses less blood thanks to the laser’s ability to control bleeding. In addition, for those who have heart and liver diseases and therefore use blood thinners, prostate surgery with HoLEP technology is a method that can be applied with peace of mind. Prostate enlargement treatment with HoLEP technology is increasing its popularity day by day due to the positive results it has given so far.

What are the Advantages of HoLEP Technology?

We can list the advantages of HoLEP technology, which paves the way for many developments in prostate treatment, as follows:

  • While patients can return to their normal lives very quickly thanks to HoLEP surgery, they feel as if they have returned to their 30s in their own words.

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