Assoc. Prof. Dr. Akif Diri
Urology Specialist
25 Years
Surgical Experience
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Flexible URS

Flexible URS

Endoscopic Stone Treatment ( Closed Kidney Stone Surgery – Closed Ureteral Stone Surgery )

Kidney stones are formed when the crystals formed as a result of the substances that are excreted in the urine and have the potential to form stones, become supersaturated (oversaturated) in the urine environment.


The ureteroscope is passed through the outer mouth of the urethra (voiding hole), which is the most end part of the urinary tract, to reach the thin channels called “ureters” that connect the urine coming from the kidneys to the bladder. With the ureteroscope, stones, vascular abnormalities, stones, tumors, and strictures in the ureter can be observed directly thanks to the illuminated optical system. In addition, stones in the kidney are broken with the help of laser. In addition to diagnostic possibilities, both stone treatment and removal of ureter tumors by cutting, biopsy and cauterization can be performed.


Ureteroscopy is one of the most important methods used in the diagnosis and treatment of ureteral cancers. With the help of modern technology, the treatment can be concluded in a shorter time, without incisions as in open surgeries, and with a shorter hospital stay.

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