Assoc. Prof. Dr. Akif Diri
Urology Specialist
25 Years
Surgical Experience
More than 32 Thousand

Penis Head Filler

It is a non-surgical treatment method that helps to remove hypersensitivity in the penis and prolong the ejaculation period within the scope of premature ejaculation problem and its treatment. During the application of the filler, dermal filler material containing hyaluronic acid is injected into the head area, which is located in the penis and has the highest nerve density. Injection is done with local anesthesia.


Results begin to appear in about 1 week from the operation. Although the duration of this procedure varies from person to person, it can take up to a year.



Filling application to the head of the penis in the treatment of premature ejaculation Scientific studies have shown that the duration of ejaculation increases 3-5 times with the application of fillings to the penis.

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